Innisfail Chemex

Innisfail Chemex is a multifaceted concern involving the sale of cleaning products (all purpose cleaners, detergents, acid cleaners, disinfectants, air fresheners and odour control, laundry liquids, floor care, chrome and stainless steel cleansers, solvents, stainless steel cleaners, auto cleaning products, degreasers, toilet cleaners, glass and window cleaners, oven and grill cleaners). Our Janitorial accessory range includes everything from buckets, trolleys, vacuum cleaners all the way down to scourers. The paper and packaging range cover all items from toilet paper, drink cups, foil, serviettes, anti-bacterial hand cleaner and skin care etc. 

Innisfail Chemex stock spill containment products and spill kits including vehicle kits, booms and absorbent pads for small spills. A new stock range of environmentally friendly, biodegradable, septic and bio-safe products are also available.

Visit Innisfail Chemex for help solving any problems you may have. All problems seem unique at the time, but often the solution is close at hand and a crisis can be avoided. To maximise your time and to allow you to spend more time with the family call on Innisfail Chemex regularly. We are here to help.

The other half of Innisfail Chemex is the large pool and spa products range.  Above ground pools are available for purchase and a complete range of chemicals from the Zodiac, BioGuard range are available. Also in stock are pool pumps, cleaners, filters, chlorinators, pool toys and all you pool and spa accessories. 

A free pool testing service is available in store and clients are supplied with their own personalised maintenance program. Innisfail Chemex also offer mobile pool and spa maintenance, holiday maintenance, a handover service and equipment repairs.

Innisfail Chemex is proud to support and sponsor the local community

Please note that we only sell in Australia