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Cleaning Chemicals and General Tips

Bacteria for cleaning! No Way!!
Digest PlusBelieve it or not you can clean with bacteria. DIGEST PLUS MA is an ENZYME PRODUCING NON-PATHOGENIC BACTERIA.

DIGEST PLUS is a USDA authorised concentrated blend of living aerobic and anaerobic bacteria specially selected for degrading common sanitary wastes. The bacteria are considered ‘new generation’ and is impervious to bleach, disinfectants and acids. 

DIGEST PLUS eliminates odours, is non-toxic, liquefies grease and eliminates uric acid odours.

DIGEST PLUS contains seven strains of non-pathogenic bacteria that produce enzymes necessary for the degradation of soils, organic oils and food by-products. Reduces odours and suspended solids. Contains no acid or caustics and is non-polluting.

DIGEST PLUS can be used in hotels, Motels, Restaurants, Chemical Plants, Recreational Vehicles, Homes, Schools, Marinas and Office Buildings. It is also used in grease traps, drain lines, down pipes, porta toilets, septic tanks, wet wells, sump pumps, carpeting and meat markets.

Available at Innisfail Chemex now! 

Contact the friendly team at Innisfail Chemex on (07) 4061 4990. We are based at 116 Edith Street, Innisfail QLD 4860, or email.

Can you recommend a biodegradable hand cleaner?

… is a biodegradable hand cleaner which utilises the powerful solvent action of natural citrus oil to dissolve grease, oils, tars, paint, printers ink, and the majority of soils encountered. A scrubbing abrasive gently removes ingrained dirt by massaging the skin.


  • Concentrated formula – economical in use
  • Easy to dispense
  • Shifts stains easily
  • Refreshing and lingering citrus fragrance
  • Safe to use – non-toxic and non-corrosive
  • Soft abrasive beads assists cleaning
  • Safe in septics
  • Contains NO petroleum hydrocarbons
  • Contains NO phosphates
  • Moisturising – with extra glycerine
  • Biodegradable

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Cost effective cleaning of farm equipment

Owners of farm machinery today are looking for the most cost effective way to clean their farm equipment – and particularly, CANE HARVESTERS AND TRACTORS.


Innisfail Chemex in association with it’s suppliers are able to supply a liquid concentrated equipment cleanerthat is readily diluted to the required levels and is a proven performer in removing sugar extracts and grease from harvesters and tractors.

A further benefit of a liquid product is that it will stand and remain constant and effective for long periods.  No longer does the farmer and his workers have to waste valuable time mixing and dissolving powders. 

For the farmer seeking a strong yet mild, effective cleaner for his newer equipment, Innisfail Chemex have available a large range of products to suit.  From truck wash to biodegradable degreasers to the stronger degreaser solutions, we can help.

All products can be applied by standard backpacks, pump sprayers or through water pressure cleaners. 

Innisfail Chemex can be contacted by phone on 07 4061 4990, by fax on 07 4061 4004  or by email on

Disinfectants – Do they clean, sanitise or disinfect?
Cleaning, sanatising and disinfecting are not the same.

Disinfectants are powerful and efficient when used correctly.  They are also complicated to use.

So why so complicated?


Cleaning removes surface soils so that the disinfectant can kill microorganisms effectively. This means that before you use a disinfectant the surface should be already cleaned. 

Sanatising reduces the number of pathogens on the surface to a safe level.  Disinfecting takes this a step further and destroys or kills all the pathogens as per the claim on the label when used correctly.

More is definitely not better when using a disinfectant.  If used incorrectly the disinfectant will leave a sticky residue on the surface attracting more contaminants. If this occurs, then the area should be cleaned and the process completed again.  When disinfectants are used incorrectly germs and bacteria may become resistant thus rendering future processes ineffectual.  

Remember to always follow the instructions on the label.  If the label asks for the disinfectant to remain moist for a certain period of time and that time is reduced, then the process of cleaning and again disinfecting should begin again to complete the process correctly.

Remember Safety

Do you require gloves or glasses with this product?  Check your label or Safety Data Sheet (SDS) for more information.

Contact the friendly team at Innisfail Chemex on (07) 4061 4990. We are based at 116 Edith Street, Innisfail QLD 4860, or email.

Do you have a green cleaning range?
“BIO-GREEN” is a new generation range of cleaning products with a unique mix of plant based wetting agents, water softeners, soaps and essential oils.

Bio GreenThe “BIO-GREEN” range of products has been formulated to be ideal for use in septic systems, wastewater treatment plants and grey water systems.

“BIO-GREEN” products contain no phosphates, no mineral acids, no poisons and no biologically “hard” ingredients.



Manufactured using gentle cosmetic and plant based wetting agents and moisturisers, helps eliminate unwanted bacteria form the skin. pH balanced and ideally suited to cleaning hands in all areas.

  • Natural anti-bacterial agent that is plant derived and ecofriendly
  • Nut free (free of peanuts and tree nuts)
  • No sulphates, no DEA’s, no Parabens, no phosphates
  • Septic safe, waste water treatment plants & grey water systems (breaks down into nutrients that are safe for the garden [<0.5% sodium]
  • Low VOC
  • Aromatic essential oils

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How can I use vinegar for cleaning?
CLEANING VINEGAR can be used in hundreds of ways.

Some suggestions are as follows:

  • Cleaning Shower Head with VinegarSoaking your showerhead with vinegar and water is a great way to remove mineral deposits. Spray the shower head and then cover with a small plastic bag. Let it sit for a few hours or overnight. 
  • Clean out mineral deposits in your coffee pot by pouring in one cup of vinegar and one cup of water. Follow this up with a full carafe of plain water.
  • Pour a cup of vinegar into the bottom of your dishwasher when you are ready to run it through a full cycle. The vinegar will deodorise, sanitise and make the dishes and glasses sparkle.
  • Kills germs, removes odours.
  • Shines chrome fittings.


There are also some things that you should never use CLEANING VINEGAR on:

  • Granite and marble countertops and Natural Stone floors – the acidity can etch the natural stone or the coating on the stone.
  • An egg spill – the acidity will only coagulate making it more difficult to remove.
  • Your iron – don’t pour it through the iron to unclog the pores. Vinegar can damage the inside of the iron.
  • Hardwood floors – similar to the natural stone, the acidity in the vinegar can damage the sealer used. Always check with the sealer’s manufacturer before using.
  • Stubborn Stains – grass, ink, ice cream and blood. Vinegar will set the fabric quickly or the stain will not respond to the vinegar alone.


  • Extremely versatile household cleaner
  • Non Toxic – Very safe to use
  • Cleans and disinfects an is effective for killing bacteria and germs due to its level of acidity
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Biodegradable
  • Always remember to check with your manufacturer before using products. 

Available at Innisfail Chemex now! 

Contact the friendly team at Innisfail Chemex on (07) 4061 4990. We are based at 116 Edith Street, Innisfail QLD 4860, or email.

How do I remove mould effectively?
Sodium Hypochlorite

Sodium Hypochlorite is a cleaner/bleach/sanitiser/mould remover.

Mould - Before/AfterHere are a few little tips to help with your cleaning when using Sodium Hypochlorite:

  • If cleaning walls or vertical areas always apply from the bottom and work upwards.  This will prevent streaking on painted areas.
  • Add a little wetting agent to your diluted mix to help the product “stick” to the surface your are cleaning.
  • Always wear gloves and safety glasses.  Turn up the bottom of your gloves to avoid the product running down your arms when cleaning up high.
  • If you are using the product as a sanitiser in your pool, try to add in the evening or later in the afternoon to prevent evaporation of the chlorine component.
  • Always ensure that all storm water drains and inlets are closed off and that no run off can escape.

How important is hand washing and hygiene?
Hand Care and Hygiene

Hand care is the most important strategy in preventing infections.

Hand WashingDid you know that microbes can live on a surface anywhere from a few minutes to several months?  

Washing your hands after you go to the toilet is something we learn as children, and yet this simple process is not always carried out.

So, wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water for at least 20 seconds and dry your hands with a paper towel. If there is no running water, use an alchol based hand rub.  A good hand wash takes as long as it takes you to sing “Happy Birthday”.


Gloves can have slight imperfections, so remember to wash your hands after you remove them.  Wash your hands before you commence work and again before you go home.  This will stop the transfer to bacteria from one place to another.

Innisfail Chemex have all your hand washing needs from soaps to dispensers to paper towel.  Call us and ask what would suit your home or business.

Microfibre Cleaning
What is microfibre?  

Microfibre needs to be finer than 1/100th of a human hair to be classified as microfibre.

Microfibre CleaningWhy do you only use water with microfibre products?   

The large majority of chemicals such as bleach, vinegar and disinfectant cleaners will ruin the fibres on you microfibre product.

Dry or damp cleaning with microfibre?  

Microfibre can be used either way.  “Used dry, the fibre uses electrostatic to attract the dirt.  Used damp, the water will help to dissolve the dirt”. 

What is damp?

Too wet and you loose the grip and the product becomes ineffective. There is a fine balance between the two. Correct training is required to use a damp product.  

How do you launder microfibre?

To effectively re-use microfibre cloths, they must be laundered by washing at a high temperature range between 71 to 80 degrees celsius.  The fibres only release their absorbed dirt at high temperatures.

Laundry detergent is also important.  Bleaches, fabric softeners and some detergents actually coat the fibres and reduce their cleaning capabilities.

Microfibre CleaningHow do you wipe a bench with a microfibre cloth?

You must not use the same surface of a microfibre cloth for more than a couple of square metres.  To use the cloth to its maximum involves folding the cloth in half and in half again.  This will give you eight cleaning surfaces that have to be swapped every few minutes or square metres. 

Information from Inclean Magazine Vol 27 by James Smith, Waikato and Taranaki territory manager for Sealed Air/Diversey Care New Zealand.

What are the most effective safety cones?
Banana ConeA Banana Cone!

What grabs your attention better than a patented Banana Cone? The standard caution cones have become a common sight which people ignore every day. This defeats the purpose, which is to prevent injury! It has been scientifically proven that accident reduction only happens when behavioural changes occur.

It is known worldwide that people associate banana peels on the ground as being slippery. So why not have a banana peel that PREVENTS slipping?

The Banana Cone TM is manufactured with a very thick, bright and high quality polypropylene through plastic injection moulding. The Banana Cone TM is extremely durable and the warning message is inbuilt in the shape of the cone!

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What can be done about smelly urinals?
Pro-Tabs – with Pro-Active Bacteria



A new generation deodorant cleaning tab designed to clean and reduce odour problems associated with urinals. Added probiotic species of bacteria (beneficial non-pathogenic microorganisms) digest uric salts and sludge, eliminating the source of unpleasant odours rather than just masking them. No more blocked traps and pipes, non-toxic and harmless to the environment.

Prepared from select ingredients that have been carefully chosen to maximise both ecological and operator safety.

  • Septic safe – designed to be used in conventional septics, waste.
  • water treatment plants and grey water systems.
  • Grey water safe – breaks down into nutrients that are safe for the garden (low sodium, zero phosphate, mild pH).
  • User-friendly – no poisons, no corrosives, no known allergens.
  • Non-Hazardous, non-poison.
  • Zero Volatile Organic Carbon (VOC).
  • Aromatic and natural lemongrass oils.

Other bathroom and toilet products.

Always remember to check with your manufacturer before using products. 

Available at Innisfail Chemex now! 

Contact the friendly team at Innisfail Chemex on (07) 4061 4990. 

What can I use to remove heavy soiling?
Lime Sap Remover is a blend of natural solvents and biodegradable surfactants that enable heavy soils to be removed as well as some graffiti inks and stubborn stains. It contains no harsh caustic, alkalines, salts, phosphates or petroleum based solvents.

Lime Sap Remover Lime Sap Remover is totally biodegradable and should be tried on an inconspicuous area first. May damage leather and suede as natural oils may be removed. Always test first when using it on plastic and metal surfaces. Give a little time.

Lime Sap Remover will remove mould, lipstick, crayon, cooking oils, sticky tape, glue, blood stains, chewing gum, waxes, etc.

Motor Vehicles: Removes tar, cleans tyre marks and oil from concrete.

Laundry: Pre-spray clothes and rinse with soapy water. For heavy soils, let Lime Sap Remover soak then run and soak in soapy water. Wash as normal.

Kitchens: Removes stains, grease, fats and oils, leaving a fresh lime fragrance. Ideal for bench tops, cupboards and sinks, etc.

Bathrooms: Dissolves soap scum. 

Fabrics and Carpets: Spray stains and sponge with soapy water. Repeat treatment for difficult stains.

Contact us for further information and pricing. 

What would you recommend as a safe disinfectant?
PHENYLE DISINFECTANT is an excellent cleaner and is ideally suited for all cleaning and disinfecting operations.

  • PHENYLE DISINFECTANTExcellent Cleaning Properties
  • Disinfects for the rapid removal of bacteria and odour on a variety of surfaces
  • Deodorises – Long Lasting Residual Properties
  • Powerful Heavy Duty Disinfectant – excellent for garbage bins
  • Bio-degradable
  • Phosphate free
  • Performs in hot or cold water
  • Designed to handle hard water
  • Concentrated – Value for money
  • For Domestic or Commercial use

PHENYLE DISINFECTANT is safe to use on all surfaces compatible with water.

For heavy duty cleaning and disinfecting of drains, sinks, floors and amenity blocks.

Contact us for further information and pricing. 

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