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Getting Brilliant Is As Easy As 1, 2, 3!

What could be more fun than owning your own swimming pool? Innisfail Chemex have a long tradition in simplifying the maintenance of your swimming pool by providing time-proven three easy steps.

Innisfail Chemex have a complete line of accessories and products to make your pool simply brilliant. If you are a new pool owner, we are your local expert in Pool Care and problem solving advice. Simply bring a sample of your pool water to us and we will provide you with a customized water analysis.

It may surprise you, but the water you drink may not be fit for your pool. Tap water can have a high or low pH and mineral levels that can harm your pool. These can prevent pool treatments from doing their job not to mention damaging your pool and its equipment.

With the challenges of water restrictions, drought and climate change, it has become quite evident that chlorine on its own is becoming less effective in managing your pool water. Innisfail Chemex have a program specifically designed to ensure that pool water stays healthy, sparkling clear and algae free in the midst of today’s increased pool water management challenges.

Step 1 – Pure Balance

“Just like people, pool water needs balance”

Balancing means preparing the water so that the protective products you add later work most effectively. Why is this important?

Well firstly, if your protective products aren’t doing their job correctly, your pool will become a haven for micro-organisms. Secondly, unbalanced water can be corrosive which will result in damage to your pool and its equipment.

Also, pool water should be in harmony with the human body. Keep your pH level between 7.2 and 7.6 and this keeps the water pleasant while preventing eye and skin irritation.

Step 2 – Pure Protection

“Protect your pool from unwanted guests”

The key ingredient in protecting your pool and providing sparkling clear water is chlorine. This is a common and the most widely used element to purify and eliminate the harmful micro-organisms. Removing the wastes that contribute to cloudy water or odours that affect swimmer comfort, provides effective protection against bacteria, algae and other harmful micro-organisms.Over time, swimming pool water accumulates a build up of waste material. These wastes, which are not capable of being completely filtered out, are introduced by people, animals, insects and the general environment. So for even greater protection, use shock oxidation treatments regularly.

Step 3 – Pure Perfection

“Make your pool glisten and sparkle”

There is nothing pretty about algae in your pool. Algae spores are always present in pool water, even if we cannot see them. The best maintained pool can still have algae growth. Environmental impacts challenge the prevention of algae growth in our swimming pool water. Traditionally, sanitisers were used to kill and control algae but this is proving much less reliable. Once algae have formed in the pool you need to follow instructions from Innisfail Chemex to remove it.

Innisfail Chemex offer a full range of products designed to perfect your pool water from the growth of bacteria and algae and keep the water clear and sparkling.

Simple, Safe and Sparkling

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