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Pool Pumps and Motors

The pump plays a critical role in keeping your pool in good health.

Its role is to pump water in a continual cycle, from the pool through the filter and chemical treatment system (if installed) and back to the pool again via return lines in the pool wall.

It is essential that your pump is the correct size to ensure that your pool runs at the optimum level. The size of the pool, the plumbing configuration and the type and number of pieces of equipment installed on the pool will all determine the correct size of your pump.

It is no secret that pool pumps are high energy consumers, but with the new technology and innovations in the swimming pool pump designs the new pumps do not have to consume much energy at all.

Zodiac’s new FloPro pumps are one of the most energy efficient pool pumps on the market today. These pumps can be configured to significantly reduce pool energy running costs and provide the best and most energy efficient performance for each individual piece of equipment installed on your pool.

The Zodiac FloPro e3 is an economical, energy efficient, easy to use 3-speed variable pool pump specially designed for Australian conditions. The FloPro e3 is engineered to be a simple to operate variable pool pump with the built-in intelligence of an economical motor saving you money on electricity.

Zodiac FloPro e3 Features & Benefits:

  • Ability to adjust the speed settings of the pool pump to ensure the optimum solution for any pool application.
  • Utilizing less power than the average pool pump, the Zodiac FloPro e3 is both energy efficient and environmentally conservative.
  • The compact and rigid design allows for easy installation and operation leaving you more time to enjoy your pool.
  • The reputable and durable 3-speed motor will ensure years of hassle-free pool maintenance in even the harshest of conditions.
  • Backed by a 3 year warranty (2 years on the mechanical seal)
  • You can be assured of many hassle-free years of use.

Suitable for domestic swimming pools up to 80,000 Litres.

Ask at Innnisfail Chemex if you are unsure of your pumps size or if you suspect your pump is not running efficiently. Take a look at the Zodiac ePump Calculator that allows you to see exactly how much you can save by switching to a new energy efficient pump.

You will be surprised at the savings – visit Zodiac Pool Pumps for more information.

Remember that the hair and lint pot on your pump contains a fine strainer basket that traps small particles. Empty and clean the basket on a regular basis. If the basket is allowed to fill up and block the flow of water the seal and motor of the pump can crack or the motor can burn out.

For more information about pool pumps visit this link. Also available in store at Innisfail Chemex.

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