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What could be more relaxing than owning your own spa or hot tub? From winding down at the end of a long day with a hot soak to relax tired muscles or entertaining with friends and family, a spa can bring us lots of joy.

To get the most enjoyment from your spa, you need to look after it carefully. Successful spa maintenance will preserve your investment and ensure a clean and healthy bathing environment. Innisfail Chemex have a long tradition in simplifying the maintenance of your spa or hot tub by providing time-proven easy steps.

A perfect spa in three easy steps.

In just three easy steps, you’ll be enjoying a cleaner spa with more sparkle.

Step 1 – Pure BalanceOverview

“Just like pools, spas need balance too”

Balancing refers to preparing the water so that the products you add later to protect the bathers and the spa will work effectively. Even if your spa has an ozone generator or a ion device, you will still need to attend to the balance of the water. All spas are different – so why is this important?

Firstly, if your protective products aren’t working effectively, your spa can be over-run by micro-organisms so you need to remove these undesirables to prevent the transfer of bacteria or viruses. Secondly, unbalanced water may be corrosive, resulting in damage, calcium build up or staining to the equipment and your spa surfaces (bathtub ring). Also, a balanced spa should be in harmony with the human body (sharing the same pH level), which makes the water clean and comfortable.

Step 2 – Pure Protection

“Everyone enjoys a good spa”

Unfortunately, this also applies to those nasty micro-organisms. Keep them away with protective products. By adding purifiers and balancers to a spa, you provide effective protection against bacteria, algae and other harmful micro-organisms. This helps you keep the water protected and soothing for the bathers. Ensure your spa stays clean by regularly checking and testing the levels of protective products in the water to make sure the water is safe and comfortable.

Step 3 – Pure Perfection

“Make your spa or hot tub glisten and sparkle”

Spas and hot tubs, like pools, need regular maintenance in order to keep them clean, healthy and safe. Innisfail Chemex offer a range of products designed to perfect your spa and to keep the water clear and sparkling.

Innisfail Chemex have a program specifically designed to ensure that your spa or hot tub water stays healthy, sparkling clear and algae free in the midst of today’s increased pool water management challenges. Call in-store for your very own personalised program.

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